Welcome to Wyoming Bashful!

Bashful is in Northeast Wyoming, the Wild, Wild West! With two old cowpokes. . .

He arrived a couple weeks ago but Carol got sick soon after and wasn’t able to post about his welcome.

First, Bashful met the critters, Bear and Sammy. Jasmine is still hiding from Bashful.

Ever the adventurer, Bashful wanted to help mow with tractor.


He seems to enjoy the ponds. Yes, ponds, times two! We have and acre lot.

We sat in the shade awhile.

He has taken time to enjoy the flowers, no roses yet.


Sun himself by the little pond. . .

Bashful has even found a petrified wood to sit on.


Tomorrow we’re off to a spot to be revealed another day. We might even send a pic Β to Angel Sammy for Teaser Tuesday!

18 thoughts on “Welcome to Wyoming Bashful!

  1. oh boy… Bashful you really visited the land of the cowboys… how great! The grampy of the mama always dreamt about going to wyoming once since he was a little boy… sadly life had other plans, but he often talked about the equality state and how much he would like to be there. Enjoy it and have a super rocking time buddy :o)

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  2. With all those rocks, it must have felt like a family reunion for Bashful. You showed Bashful a good time at your place, it looks really nice.

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  3. Squeals!! There’s my little tyke having fun in the wild, wild west!! Hope he’s not giving you too much trouble. He has a tendency to roll around on his own – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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  4. Bashful, you devil! Look at all your rock buddies ready to roll with you. Have a great time little buddy.

    Shoko and Kali

    PS Mom recognizes the beautiful yellow flowers but the name escapes her at the moment. What are they? The plant is well established….could this by an slim change be fuchias? They are gorgeous.

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    1. They are aquilegia or the common name Columbine. They’re my favorite flower. They last over a month, they reseed and spread. My son told me he thinks they look like butterflies. I think they do too. The blue ones are CO state flower.
      Bashful wore us out today. 😎


  5. Bashful has landed in a really beautiful place! I think it might be a little TOASTY there just now but just look at the flowers and ponds and pretty landscapes as far as the eye can see. Very exciting and we hope he has a FABULOUS time!

    Love, Teddy, Angel Sammy and Mom Pam too

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