Thankful Purrsday Poetry

We’re joining Angel Sammy and Teddy for their Thursday Poetry. We’re on letter G and we chose Grandma and Garden to rhyme about. We are also following Brian’s Thankful Thursday. 


We’re very thankful the weather cooled down ten degrees. 


Grandmas Garden

Grandmas garden was the best 

Strawberries in the spring

Along with peas and all the rest

Summer tomatoes would bring

The canning and seals to test

Summer sweet corn with butter dripping

Lemonade and kool-aid we would be sipping

Ah, those were the days when the birds would sing.


16 thoughts on “Thankful Purrsday Poetry

  1. What a WONDERFUL poem……we could almost taste all those homegrown goodies too – summer means fresh EVERYTHING!! Thanks for joining in the poetry fun on Thursdays.

    Love, Angel Sammy and Teddy too

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