Thankful Thursday & Purrsday Poetry

 August 24, 2017

Today we’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop 

We are thankful for  many things.
We are thankful for the friends who wrote condolences on my blog post last week after I told you we lost my MIL. I am thankful for having known her 46 years of her almost 92 years. (Half her life) I’m also thankful she wasn’t sick long.  Very thankful she raised five wonderful boys and one fell in love with me. 💕  We’re also thankful our two boys could make the funeral with their wives. It was a long trip. Also that our youngest gave the eulogy and that his wife sang a solo. It made the celebration of her life more personal and special. We are thankful to now be back home. We’re tired. . . 

We’re thankful we came home to ripening sweet corn. 🌽 And sunflowers 🌻 and tomatoes 🍅 Yummy! Wish you were here. 

Saved the best  for last, we welcomed our second great-grandchild. (A girl) 👶🏻

Amelia Belle

Thank you friends for your patience. We will eventually read and catch up on all your blogs and start commenting again.

We’re also joining Angel Sammy’s and Teddys Purrs-day Poetry

Jasmine insists I write a poem about her Jungle to make up for missing last week.
 She was very lonely while we were gone.

Oh Jasmine you silly little girl

Oh Jasmine you silly little girl
The Jungle of house plants is your favorite spot. . .
It’s where you like to hide
And in the Jungle hide you do.
You silly, willy little girl.

A Kiss 😘 is the Key to Love

The First Kiss from your true love will cause you to swoon. . .
If you’re lucky he’ll lasso the stars and the moon.

Then will come the wedding doves
Because you are your own true loves.

Maybe after a year or so will come a child or two
Then rarely will you have time to be blue.

This is wedded bliss
And it all started with a Kiss.




15 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday & Purrsday Poetry

  1. Oh what great poems you wrote!!!! I love them both and Angel Sammy will too………….we are also thinking that little great grandbaby is very precious and what a beautiful name – Amelia Belle……. Thanks for joining us on poetry day…….

    Love, Teddy

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  2. I am so sorry that your lost your mother in law but happy that you had such a lovely long time on earth together. I miss my mum in law who was in my life for 35 years. Amelia Belle is adorable. Ah, the circle of life.

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  3. The ebb and flow of life seems to be your companion now. Sorry for the loss of your MIL. Sending loads of congrats on the new great grand baby girl. What a gift, I’m sorry she won’t get to meet what sounded like a very wonderful grand parent.

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