Thankful and Poetic Purrsday

Thankful Thursday

It’s time for our weekly Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop where we share the blessings in our lives and the thing or things for which we are most thankful. Sometimes during our struggles it’s easy to overlook the good, but the goodness and thankfulness is always there.
This week we’re thankful for our new cupboards and stove and microwave. They were worth the wait.


We’re joining Angel Sammy’s and Teddy’s Poetic Thursday!


Thundershirt Day

Thursday is thunder shirt day for Sammy, he hates high winds.
A day high vehicles can’t travel because the wind gusts are so high
The snow is also falling so a very good day to stay inside.
Let’s stay near the kitchen and cook something yummy in new stove Mom & Daddy just buy!

9 thoughts on “Thankful and Poetic Purrsday

  1. WooHoo a new kitchen…makes the cook happy and a happy cook is a good cook.
    We have never seen a Thundershirt in the furs but we are glad those who need them have them
    Hugs madi and mom

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  2. Oh boy! Lucky you to have all new kitchen equipment! Stay nice and warm inside and make something yummy to eat. We love your poem today – thanks for joining in the poem parade on Thursdays with my Angel brother Sammy.

    Love, Teddy

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