Friday Fill Ins

We’re joining Ellen of 15andmeowing and Annie of McGuffys Reader for Friday Fill Ins. 

We enjoy filling these sentences out for the fun of it. We enjoy reading yours too. 

Week 78: November 3, 2017:

1. My favorite part of November is Thanksgiving.

2. Every November, I start buying canned goods for the winter.

3. For me, peace starts at home.

4. So far, my upcoming holiday plans are to have dinner at our sons house and bring an extra turkey and the dressing.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fill Ins

  1. Great answers. We start buying non perishable items for Thanksgiving towards the end of summer. We have such a tight budget that that is the only way we can manage. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Have a blessed week.

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  2. Thank you for participating, great answers. Having Thanksgiving with your son sounds nice. Smart idea to stock up on canned goods for the winter. Have a nice weekend!

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