Thankful and Poetic Purrsday


Welcome to another Thankful and Poetic Purrsday. We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop 


Today we’re very thankful for family again this week. We had our silly little costume party on Monday plus dinner. Doug (Hubby) was an older Eddie Munster and I was a witch of course. Halloween day Hubby carved a couple pumpkins for both seeds, pumpkin pie and Dog treats. One pumpkin went to our great-grandson and his little sister Amelia. She was a cute little pumpkin and he was a ninja turtle 🐢 . I loved his shoes. We had what we thought was a scary witch but he thought it was so funny. His parents took Malachi to a Haunted house and he only got scared once. He’s only two. We were then babysitters for Amelia for a few hours while they were out trick or treating. Our first time alone.  I loved it. Doug roasted pumpkin seeds. The dogs Bear and Sammy helped me except when she cried. ❤️👻🎃

Sorry the photo is so dark: 


We’re joining Angel Sammy and Teddy’s Poetic Thursday.

Angel Sammy and Teddy’s Poetic Thursday IMG_0496

The Unicorn or Letter U

I’d rather have a Unicorn than an ugly duck.
If I were a Unicorn I would bring good luck.
If I were the funny uncle, my name would be Buck!
This poem has no reason but who cares?


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