Thankful and Poetic Purrsday

Today we’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday BlogHop to share why we’re thankful. 


This week I’m very thankful for my successful right knee surgery. Everything went very well. The surgery and nursing staff were outstanding. I had surgery the 29th and was home on the 30th. Can’t beat that. Now I’m doing physical therapy Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Andrew, my therapist, is also a good guy. Everyone is sooo young though. 😉 Is it just me that’s getting old? 

Today is also Thursday poetry at Angel Sammy’s and Teddy’s blog at TwoSpoiledCats. It’s the end of the alphabet for us, our first time writing poetry weekly and for fun. We enjoyed the challenge. Tune in next week to see what our new challenge will be. 

Z is the Last Letter

Zing went my zipper
Zap went my snap!
No ending these alphabet poems with a whimper
We must go out with a bang! ☃️
Merry Christmas 🎄 to all
And great blogging, Whoopie!



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