Friendly Friday Fill Ins

January 5, 2018

Each Thursday, Ellen of, and Annie of McGuffys Reader provide Friendly Fill-In statements. On Friday, they post their answers with a link-up for you to join them with your own responses. Copy and answer these on your own blog, but remember to link up at McGuffys Reader. If you need help, please let them know. It’s all about friendship.

1. My guiding word for 2018 is Fun.

2. A house is not a home without Pets.

3. I look forward to summer this year. 

4.  I really need to exercise more because I want to stay strong and healthy.


9 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fill Ins

  1. I am sorry for being so late. One step forward, three back. Sick dog, Kenzie, is better. But, we had some very bad news about Clyde. However, we are determined to not let it steal joy. Clyde is all about living life with joy. Animals remind me of the little things like that. Sometimes, I need a good cry, but, like Clyde, “I got dis.” Hugs.

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    1. I’m glad you still have Clyde. One of our boy kittens died after the surgery and it was extremely sad. He was such a sweet boy too. Sounds a lot like Clyde. So I really feel your pain. So glad Kenzie is better.

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      1. Clyde could not be neutered, because his heart is so bad. We have never “not” altered a cat or dog. But, this time, it is for his own good. He is a very sweet boy. (If you have an email address, would you email me?)

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