We are all in this together. . . Make yourself at home. Try and find your way around my mystical home at WordPress. More details will appear as more rooms are built and I understand how to use the features on WordPress. Building from the ground floor isn’t easy when you’re not a carpenter. 😉 Please be courteous to all. Thank you for stopping by and peaking at this work in progress! Hope you will stop in when it blossoms.


      1. we just started watchin’ the LONGMIRE t.v. series (ha! you say, eh?) — a fictitious county in the northern part of WYO — but if you’re familiar with it, i’d bet you’d recognize a lot of the settings ~

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      2. The setting seems to be near Sheridan, but nothing in the show seems like Wyoming. With only half a million people, our population will soon be wiped out at that murder rate. 😀

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      3. I actually ‘google’d Longmire, and much of the scenes are in New Mexico (!). and, I think, Buffalo. and … yerrite: with that murder rate … my wife and I used to joke that the small NewEngland town in the “Murder, She Wrote” (angela Lansbury) series, with a population of about 5,000 — with someone getting killed every week is just as you’ve postulated about Durant ~

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