Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day started in 2015 by Deborah Barnes of Zee & Zoey.

This is a special day to remember all our furbabies waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge. They have all left their pawprints on my heart and will never be forgotten.

We’ve been married almost 46 years so we’ve had lots of pets. The photos I have of my Rainbow Bridge pets are not on the computer and I’m still catching up on blogging. But I still wanted to remember my sweet furrbabies. Some did not live long. I miss them all very, very much.

Ginger 1971 – 1973 Ginger male tabby cat

Otis 1972 A rescued baby opposum

Princess 1971 – 1986 A beautiful black female Persian without the really flat face. 💕

Fat Cat 1973 – 1974 A big black female. We thought she was pregnant.

Fart Blossom 1973 – 1974 A cute little brown boy tabby that made stinkies.

Augie-Doggie ~ 1975 – 1993

Sweetie Pie 1980 – 1981 A little boy ginger.

Jonathon 1980 – 1990 A big boy ginger cat we brought home in a Jonathan apple box.

Snowball – 1990 – 1991 A little white girl kitten.

Lucy ~ 1986 – 1999 A black and white female basset hound that we loved very much.

Tootsie ~ 1988 A red basset hound that adored her mother Lucy

Daisy ~ 1990 A white and red basset hound that had been to four homes before ours.

Buddy & Sissy ~ Litter Mates, boy and girl, Brown tabbys born July 26, 1996. They were the sweetest. I still miss them very, very much. Buddy was such a character. Hubby taught him to play fetch. Sissy purred so fast she sounded like a bird.

In 1998 a few neighbors moved and left their cats behind. They were the nicest cats too. We loved them right away. I’m glad they were left behind and so were they. They have their own silly stories. Four cats was a lot to get neutered and spayed but they were healthy cats. They were pretty skinny too. We had nine cats at one time! ~ˆ..ˆ~

Big Guy – (Big Blackie) A big boy kitty blind in one eye. Hubby fell hard for this guy and the feeling was mutual.

Lil Blackie – A very special female kitty. She was smaller than her big brother.

Homer – beat up ole Tom cat. Skinny as a rail. . . He liked to talk to us. We thought he was funny.

Shaggy Puss – Big long-haired Tom cat. He loved my lap.

Dolly ~ 2000-2013 Memorial Day week-end, Karla found her in her yard. I nursed her too, but for only a week. Chopper helped me take care of her by licking her butt.  2000-2013

Chopper ~ Oct. 10, 1999 – 2008  A golden retriever mix whose mother was run over and he was ten days old when he was given to us to nurse. His eyes weren’t even open so he didn’t know he was a dog. That was the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. It was just like having a baby again. We kept him in the kitten carrier at night because he was so tiny. We were afraid the kitties would hurt him because they were hunters. We both loved him very much. He died suddenly of a heart attack. I thought my Hubby would die of a broken heart.  💔 They were the best fishing buddies. Chopper and Sabbath were also best dog buddies. They loved to run in the fields around us. He wiggled in between us in bed at night. And Hubby wasn’t going to let him. I think he’s the first dog to sleep with us.

Silver ~ Summer 2000 (3 months) Poor little guy was so sweet. He died after his surgery to be nuetered. We always get blood tests now before surgery. He showed up in the field behind the house meowing so sweet. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. I was thinking of renaming him Frankie. Dolly was lost when he didn’t come home with her.

Sabbath ~  2000-2007 A big, goofy black Lab/Rottweiler mix.  My big, sweet guy that loved me and I loved him back, who slept against my back and it felt so good. He loved me because I took him for walks every day out in the fields around us and he could run circles around me. Chopper loved it too, but Sabbath lived for it. I miss him everfurry day like crazy. He died of cancer way too young.

Allie and Minnie ~ 2003 – 2014 Little girl litter mates. Two more silver haired sweeties. They were sick a lot at first and we made lots of Vet trips but they both lived long lives.

Shamu and Moby 2006-2007.  Twenty year old fish we took in when their mommy couldn’t keep them.

This wasn’t easy but I’m glad I did it. My eyes are full of tears and I can’t see the page anymore. Sorry if I didn’t get all my typos corrected. I could write so many stories more.