Denver Bronco Cheerleaders!

Love the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders!


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August 1943 (1)




Source: August 1943 (1)

1 August – The Japanese destroyer, Amagiri rammed the US Naval fast patrol boat, PT-109, and two seaman were killed. All members, including John F. Kennedy, were reported as missing.


Hello December!

Hello, December! Eight Days In!

Hello, December! Eight Days In. Who is Counting? How is Everyone? Really, How are you?

How am I, you ask? Oh, You didn’t? No, well, I stay busy. Why else am I posting a’Hello December on Day Eight? Why not have a post ready by Midnight December 1, 2015? Now here it is, already Day Eight. It is my first post in a long while that is original. Health tip, if you have dry mouth and use Halls cough drops, DO Not use the bag that has fewer calories! You get diarrhea! Really! It is on the back of the package!

Do you like the Christmas Décor? It’s fun for a month or so. Just one of the reasons my post, Greeting December, is on a late afternoon of Day Eight. It will be sundown in about ten minutes. I’m not great at blogging as you know.

WOW, are candles expensive or what? You won’t believe how much I paid for an oil diffuser the day before Thanksgiving. I’m too embarrassed to tell now that I’ve looked at pricing on-line. A ‘Small Town’ in the middle of nowhere challenges a shopper. It’s not easy finding candles on-line either. Where do you buy candles for the holidays? We burn a large one in the kitchen/dining room. It is usually the candle in the jar from Yankee candles. Do you have a favorite scent? We like ‘Mackintosh Apple’ all year. It would work for Christmas too. But ‘Christmas Wreath’ is a very nice change for the Holiday. It’s the only time it’s available. Unless you stock up like me for the winter. Wish the name tag came off easier. It doesn’t even come off with soaking; Is there a secret to it? They just can’t be in the centerpiece. I like the latest led candles that turn on and Orr with a remote. But a few real candles need to burn for the scent. Oh well. When we were still buying a ‘real’ tree, it never smelled great. The trees were cut down long before selling and buy and to bring home and decorate. I remember picking out the tree as a child, it had to be at least as tall as me when I got to be about 10-11 years old. We rarely brought boys. They weren’t much fun to be with if they didn’t want to be with you. It is usually colder here too. Not fun for adults either when it is frigid. Nothing like the movie scenes of buying a tree and singing together, having hot chocolate and marshmallows, maybe eggnog. Do I sound old or what? Not feeling the romance of the holiday at all today. Have you seen the Christmas movie ‘The Ref?’ That’s us, just an older version. We looked similar to the Reindeer in Bacons Post yesterday! LOL! But without the fun of an All-Nighter. Did you see his post on Piglove yesterday? Bacon is so fun to follow along with every day with his housemates. His Days are a hoot! I survived the Days of Spook and got a cute pic too! We need Mistletoe if we survive the twenty-five days of Christmas. His Mummy is an inspiration to me.

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President Delivers Remarks at Kennedy Center Honors Reception

5:0 EDT: President Obama Delivers Remarks at the Kennedy Center Honors Reception

Source: President Delivers Remarks at Kennedy Center Honors Reception

The Supreme Court’s Set To Hear One Of The Biggest Race Cases In Years. It Has No Business Doing So.

Black Lives Matter! The system in the US has not been fair to Black Lives throughout our American History. Attention needs to be brought to the situation. White Lives have always Mattered More to the People in Power. Black People deserve Equal treatment under the Law. They deserve Equality. That is why there is a New Civil Rights Movement. White People should understand we do enjoy #White Privilege.

Source: The Supreme Court’s Set To Hear One Of The Biggest Race Cases In Years. It Has No Business Doing So.