Black And White And Blurry All Over

Nothing is black and white.

Behind the White Coat


There it was. The second pink line.


My heart sank.

I stood outside the exam room and took a deep breath. She was thirteen.

She knew as soon as she saw my face when I entered after knocking softly. She started sobbing uncontrollably. Her mother sat in the corner and looked sea sick. She was holding onto the edge of her chair for dear life, knuckles white, waiting for the world to turn upside down and topple her over.

“You are pregnant.”

Her mother dissolved into angry shouts about her whore of a daughter.

Not an auspicious beginning at all. Babies should be greeted with joy and love and excitement. My heart hurt.

“I know it seems unfair for me to ask, but have you thought about what you want to do with this pregnancy?”

Her mother spoke up before the patient could, her voice charged with bitterness. “She…

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The Island of All Together

Every summer many European tourists travel to the Greek island Lesvos for a sunny holiday. This year thousands of refugees crossed the sea from Turkey and arrived on the island as well, looking fo…

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A Second Hand Fairy Tail

Yesterday was Fairy Tail Day at Piglove. As usual I didn’t have my Fairy Tail ready to post. I just couldn’t think of the right story.  Then today Hubby wanted to watch the movie “Second Hand Lion!” It’s a great family movie. We had seen it years ago and occasionally rewatch it. So. . .

“Once upon a time in early 2008, our son was working with methane wells. One well he opened was a tragic sight. A litter of kittens had been left there. This was very sad, but a little miracle survived. Our son thought it was a bobcat.   ~^..^~   There are many bobcats around here on ranches. So he called his Mom & Dad because he thought we would know how to help. He put this little thing in a five gallon bucket with a lid and punched in air holes. The squealing little thing was scared to death. Hubby got out his welding gloves and we prepared to meet this little survivor. It wasn’t long before son #2 was at our home. Hubby took off the lid and to our surprise it was a tiny grey kitten; A beautiful little grey kitten. We fell in love with her that minute. Because we had just seen the movie we mentioned above, we named her Jasmine, the “Second Chance Lion.”

As you can see in the photos she is a beautiful feline and will always love her Daddy the most because he saved her from the scary bucket and the “Hell of the Well.”

A couple months later Jasmine also brought us to the Animal Shelter in a roundabout way. She was at the Vets getting spayed. Before we picked her up we stopped at the Shelter to get a discount certificate for her surgery. While there we were drawn to the dogs in the shelter up for adoption. That’s when we met the cutest little dog.  We then  filled out the paperwork for adoption. After we were checked out by the shelter we went into town again and brought home a one year puppy named Sammy. Jasmine and Sammy are Not easy to capture on film. ❣

“Jasmine is living Happily Ever after with Bear and Sammy and Mommy & Daddy!” ❤️



Super Bowl 50 Champions!

Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl Champions of the 2015 NFL Season! Way to GO! 

After 49 increasingly complex years of writing our Super Bowls, the NFL has made things slightly easier this year. This year’s Super Bowl is called “Super Bowl 50” rather than “Super Bowl L” after 49 years of Super Bowls described by Roman numerals.

The change is temporary. The NFL will return to Roman numerals next year with Super Bowl LI. But the designers of the Super Bowl logo just didn’t like the way “Super Bowl L” looked.

The Denver Broncos have been to the Super Bowl eight times. We won three of those. The wins are much more fun!

Super Bowl XXII was the First and Best Game. The Broncos beat the favored Green Bay Packers. Many people think it is one of the best Super Bowl Games. We had lost four and it was going to hurt to lose again. But it’s Super Bowl 50 this year and I have a blog to celebrate!

I also need to come out of hibernation. Not feeling well is a bummer, but isolating myself isn’t good either. Thank you to a dear blogging friend for nudging me back. The blogs I follow are great and I’ve missed a lot. But hey, we have a cleaner house! More on what I’ve been doing in another blog. I need a new theme and I’m experimenting. Please, give me constructive feedback.

Anyone else a Denver Bronco fan? We started following and cheering them on in the fall of 1977! We met Lyle Alzado at a fundraiser. Denver wasn’t home to a million people yet. The surrounding land area is huge and Denver was the Place to Go! Wyoming didn’t even have a half million people in the State!

Hubby was invited to a game with a friend and brought back hats for the kids and the family became fans. We were young and our own boys were young athletes and we weren’t always home and glued to the TV every Sunday. But we did make it to about four games in Denver when our boys were still living at home. “The Good Ole Days.” It was nice to be young.